Xml Formatter

Format your XML code/file with a specific indentation level. To format just copy and paste your XML code.

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XML Formatting - Online Formatter

Introduction: XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a widely used format for transmitting data over the web due to its easy-to-learn structure and simple logic. However, the extensive length of XML code can make it challenging for developers to understand each other's work. An effective online XML formatter can simplify XML code, making it more readable. Our tool provides this service without the need for premium tools or desktop installations.

How to Use Our Online XML Code Formatter: Using our XML Formatter online tool is straightforward:

  1. Copy/paste your XML code into the provided box or upload your XML file directly by clicking "Upload."
  2. Click the "Format XML" button to initiate the formatting process.
  3. Within seconds, receive the beautifully formatted XML code.

Key Features:

Easy to Use: The utility's well-structured layout and clear instructions make XML formatting simple, requiring no special skills.

Format XML File Quickly: Save time by quickly beautifying your XML code within seconds, unlike some online tools that may take longer.

Supports all Operating Systems: Our XML Formatter works seamlessly on all devices, whether you're using a smartphone, Mac, or desktop.

No Registration: Skip the tedious sign-up process; our online XML Formatter is accessible without any registration.

Free of Cost: Format as many XML files as you need without spending a penny – our online utility is entirely free.

What You Can Do With Our XML Formatter:

Remove White Spaces: Instantly detect and remove white spaces in your XML code without professional assistance.

Collapse Empty Elements: Easily remove complex empty elements from your code with a few clicks.

Format Attributes: Customize the formatting of attributes in your XML code, choosing between single or multiple lines.

Convert Long Lines: Convert long, difficult-to-read lines into shorter, more understandable segments with our XML Formatter.

User Privacy is a Priority: We understand the importance of data security. Rest assured, our online tool ensures the privacy of your confidential XML code. No third party can access the data you upload, and your code is promptly removed from our servers after processing. Use our facility without fear, format as many XML files as you need.