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Age calculator online helps you find your age from date of birth or interval between two dates. Calculate age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

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About Age Calculator (How old am I?)

Age Calculator - Calculate Age from Date of Birth Online

Discover the intelligence of the age calculator on MonsterSEOTools – a versatile utility that accurately determines the age of a person, building, or anything you desire. Easily calculate your age in years when asked, using your date of birth. But why stop there? Our date of birth calculator goes beyond, giving you precise ages in weeks, months, and even hours!

Age calculations vary across cultures, but our age calculator online follows the conventional American and European methods, relying on your birth date for accuracy. Moreover, this tool can serve beyond personal use. Determine the expiration date of contracts by adding the start date, allowing you to track their remaining duration.

With a simple, user-friendly interface, this free tool functions seamlessly on any device or operating system. Accessible with just an internet connection, start calculating ages and expiration dates effortlessly. Discover the convenience of our date of birth calculator at MonsterSEOTools today!

How to calculate age from date of birth?

Unveil your exact age effortlessly with our online age calculator, providing quick answers to queries like "How old am I today?" or "How old are you?" Say goodbye to memorizing complex age calculation formulas – follow these simple steps to determine your age:

  1. Select your date of birth, specifying the year, month, and date.
  2. Choose any date, whether from the past, present, or future, for age calculations.
  3. Hit the "Calculate Age" button, and voilà! Your precise age will be displayed on the screen in an instant.

No more guesswork or manual calculations – our user-friendly age calculator does it all for you. Embrace the ease and convenience of knowing your age at a glance. Try our age calculator now!

How does our date of birth calculator work? 

Our advanced DOB calculator is the ultimate solution for determining age between two dates with precision. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithms, you can effortlessly calculate age as of any specific time. The tool operates at lightning speed, ensuring quick results for every user. Accuracy is guaranteed, as the date of birth calculator relies on the details provided by the users.

Say goodbye to tedious signup procedures - our age calculator online is hassle-free. No linking of social media accounts or adding email addresses required. Experience the convenience of using our birth calculator and unlock the power to find ages effortlessly. Try it now and witness its unmatched performance!

How old am I in days/weeks/months?

Discover the versatility of our birth year calculator, equipped to answer various age-related queries precisely. Unravel the details you seek with just a few clicks, including:

  1. Age in months
  2. Age in weeks
  3. Age in days
  4. Age in hours
  5. Age in minutes
  6. Age in seconds

Whether you want to know how many days old you are, your age on a specific date, the age of your baby, or anyone else's age, our tool provides comprehensive information tailored to your needs. Embrace the convenience of our age calculator and explore a wealth of age-related insights instantly!

Date Formats:

Our online age calculator accommodates various date writing patterns, ensuring seamless age calculations and duration measurements between two dates. Whether you use standard date formats or follow different patterns, our tool has you covered. Calculate your age or the time elapsed between two dates effortlessly, regardless of the date writing convention you prefer. Embrace the flexibility of our age calculator and experience accurate results tailored to your chosen date format. Try it now and simplify your age-related calculations

US Date Style:

In the US date formatting, you can represent the date as follows:

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • mm.dd.yyyy
  • mm-dd-yyyy

Our age calculator seamlessly handles all these date formats, making it easy for you to calculate your age or duration between two dates, regardless of whether you use slashes, periods, or dashes. Enjoy the convenience and accuracy of our age calculator with various date writing conventions. Try it now and simplify your age-related calculations with ease!

European Date Style:

In the European date formatting, you can represent the date as follows:

  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • dd-mm-yyyy

Our age calculator fully supports these European date formats, enabling you to calculate your age or duration between two dates seamlessly. No matter which convention you use—slashes, periods, or dashes—you can rely on the accuracy and convenience of our age calculator. Try it now and simplify your age-related calculations with ease!

International Date Style:


With respect to the standard date format as defined by IOS 860, the age is written as:

  • yyyy-mm-dd

Calculate Age Anytime, Any Date: Unrestricted Flexibility The top-notch feature of our year calculator is the freedom to get your exact age details on any date. No limitations on calculating age only for today; you can alter the date as you like and find the age between any two dates effortlessly. The birthday calculator processes your specified dates in seconds, providing accurate age details without wasting time or money.

Unravel Your Day of Birth: Find Your Birth Day Instantly Ever wondered which day of the week you were born on? Our date of birth calculator has the answer! Discover the exact day of your birth, whether it was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, all within a couple of seconds using our dob calculator.

Calculate Age to the Future: Plan Ahead with Confidence Our birth date calculator allows you to calculate your age to any year in the past or future. Curious about your age in the upcoming years? Use this tool and get instant results. For example, quickly adjust the dates on this dob calculator to find out how old you will be in 2030.

For Everyone Across Domains: Versatile Age Counter Our online age calculator by year serves various domains:

  • Admission Offices: Ensure students' age meets program requirements with the exact age calculator.
  • Government Organizations: Rely on the age calculator by date of birth to verify personal details accurately.
  • HR Faculties: Effortlessly calculate employees' ages with our birthday calculator, saving time and avoiding inaccuracies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Old Was I On this Date? Use our online age calculator to check your age on a specific past or future date, and get accurate results instantly.
  • If I Was Born in 2004, How Old Would I Be in 2025? You would be 21 years old in 2025 if you were born in 2004.
  • When Was I Born if My Current Age is 25 Years in 2023? You were born in 1998 if your current age is 25 in 2023.
  • How Old Am I Today If I Was Born in 1960? You are 63 years old today if you were born in 1960.

Easy Age Calculation from Two Dates Use our DOB calculator to calculate your age from two dates. Set the correct dates from the given tabs to find out how old you are at any specific time.

Chronological Age Determination Made Simple Determine your chronological age using our chronological age calculator, based on any date or "What is my age, right now?".

Discover Someone's Age with Ease Use our age counter to figure out someone's age effortlessly. You can also use other methods like checking social media, asking friends, using public records, or recalling memories.

Oldest Person Alive in 2023: Venezuelan Man According to Guinness World Records, the oldest person alive in 2023 is Juan Vincente Mora, a Venezuelan man, at approximately 113 years. Curious about his secrets to longevity? A healthy diet, regular exercise, and monitoring your total daily energy expenditure might be key elements to consider.